المدينه للاسهم عمان We have embraced the news of UK house prices on the rise with a cheer. The economy grows to such an extent that, in February, the Mail reported that Britain will be the “developed world’s fastest growing economy of 2016”! Only India and China are seen to be doing better with some astronomic figures from Asia.

تداول اسهم سعودية 3159F6DE00000578-3453504-image-a-24_1455826827354Investors will be happy to reap the rewards of such good times. But how does the average UK citizen manage? ONS data shows that prices are up almost 8% y-o-y and, according to Rightmove, asking prices are equally rising by 7.6%.

الخيارات الثنائية الدفاتر التجارية Dawsons‘ has previously discussed the immediate difficulty for first time buyers and we recommend researching the government’s “Help to buy” scheme. Stamp duty bands were also reviewed in 2015 with the intention of helping those struggling to purchase. Currently there is still no stamp duty on properties under £125,000. But there is now growing concern that if affordability becomes a real issue, the domestic housing market will slow. Will buying a property for £125,000 or under be a realistic possibility at all in some areas of the UK?

الاسهم السعودية توصيات اليوم Of course, London statistics always warp the national figures with not one property in 9 boroughs of London currently available for less that the price of the average home across the rest of the whole of the UK. The average home in the UK is now at £530,409. This price-tag would demand a substantial property across most of Europe but probably only provide a two-bedroomed apartment in London.

تداول الذهب في بنك الدوحه Lloyds Bank has now released data suggesting that if you are looking to purchase a home in a UK city, you are likely to be paying more than 6 times your annual earnings. In areas such as Cambridge and Bath, this rate increases to nearly 10! It appears that if you are looking to make an “affordable” property purchase, then you should look to northern England rather than the South, Or if you’re looking for a zone that is becoming more affordable then Scotland is key with rates falling, though Edinburgh is still holding its own.

موعد تداول أسهم شركة الجزيرة تكافل تعاوني Whilst we look to property developers to find a way to build new homes with urgency, property buyers must now purchase with caution as the marketplace looks to a fairly uncertain future. It is logical that prices can only rise so far until they become out of reach of the normal buyer who requires a mortgage to complete.

افضل التطبيقات لتداول الاسهم A property is a BIG purchase. And that’s why Dawson & Associates always advise consulting with an industry professional before making any decisions. As RICS regulated chartered surveyors, we can help you to understand the basics from the outset. And then we can check your property to ensure that the building structure and all of the building elements are safe – for you to live in and for the security of your investment returns.

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